Locally Owned & Operated

About Us

Welshboy Contracting was established in 2003 and is celebrating its 20th successful year in our great City of Calgary.

Welshboy’s owner Eddy Edwards and his outstanding partners are committed to providing you with a top quality product, a stress free build/renovation experience and competitive pricing. A construction project can cause stresses, hassles and disruptions to your household, however, Eddy and his team are dedicated to expediting the time frame and minimizing disruptions. For example, developing a basement can take other companies 3-4 months to complete. At Welshboy Contracting, we can deliver the same project in 5-8 weeks, so you can get back to what’s important living & enjoying life.

Acting as your experienced and knowledgeable single point of contact, Eddy Edwards, the owner and operator of Welshboy Contracting, manages your project from start to finish. This simplifies and streamlines your reno project management and facilitates direct and open communication.

Our Main Goal is to provide you with a personalized, professional, stress-free renovation project that you are proud to show off to your friends and family. Whether you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom makeover, or a full basement development, tell us a little about your project here and give us the chance to provide you with creative and custom solutions, within your budget.

We hold a City of Calgary business license and carry a $2 Million liability insurance policy. All our trades are Masters in their specific fields,all provide their own additional insurance & WCB coverage to enhance your peace of mind.

The Man Behind The Company

Meet Eddy Edwards, owner of Welshboy Contracting

Meet Eddy Edwards, local owner and operator of Welshboy Contracting.

Eddy is originally from a small village in Wales in the United Kingdom, and yes he speaks Welsh! Eddy joined the British Army at the age of 19 and served in R.E.M.E. (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) for 5 years. He was an avid sportsman, playing Rugby, Cricket, as well as playing with the Calgary Hornets Rugby Club for over 20 years. Now, Eddy enjoys playing golf and exploring the various golf courses in and around Alberta. 

Moving to Canada…

In 1989, Eddy emigrated to Calgary, Canada – lucky enough to catch the Calgary Flames winning the Stanley Cup that year! – and finally became a full-fledged Canadian in January 2023.

Discovering his passion…

In 2003, Eddy began his  journey at Welshboy Contracting as a General Contractor dabbling in all areas of the construction industry himself. As time went on, Eddy discovered in order to provide a top notch product, he needed expert help, which he found from his crew, some of which have been working with Eddy for 15 years. Together, they make an amazing team who respect your home and family. 

Eddy’s passion emerged for Home Renovations—specifically kitchens, bathrooms and basements.  Eddy Edwards has honed industry knowledge allowing him to provide a top-quality product in a very specific time window. In other words, he delivers on projects in a compressed time frame in comparison to other companies. Want your project completed in a timely fashion? That’s Eddy’s specialty, without compromising the project or cutting corners. 

The secret to Welshboy Contracting’s success is his experienced crew, who are all Masters in their own right. Eddy’s favorite part of his job is meeting and connecting with new clients, getting to know the family and pets, many of whom become friends and bringing their vision to reality. As big as Calgary is, it’s still a small town when it comes to doing business.

Photo of Eddy and Una

Work-life balance…

Eddy currently lives in Mahogany, Calgary, with his partner and soulmate Una. He has two amazing and grown children, Caitlin and Gareth, both living in Nova Scotia. 

Eddy is all about giving back to the community he has been part of for 34 years. He’s been an avid volunteer for over 20 years on the Calgary Stampede Courtesy Car Committee, been part of the Shaw Charity Golf Classic for its entirety as a caddie & driver, and been on two Grey Cup Committees in 2000 and 2009.

As a veteran of the British Army, he is invested in the Veterans Food Bank, donating and volunteering in numerous ways. He is proud of his involvement with the Calgary Dream Centre and has been an integral part of the organizing committee of the Annual Golf Classic for 8 years in which the tournament has raised over $700,000 for the Charity.