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Watch your new dream basement come to life!

Calgary Basement Renovations by Welshboy Contracting

Watch your new dream basement come to life!

In the design stage, we offer you many different customization choices as we work with several different vendors for materials, plumbing, flooring, electrical finishes, and more. Eddy Edwards guides you through this process, offering helpful suggestions and providing you with the best design recommendations for your space, budget and design selections. 

In the construction phase, we aim to complete basement renovation projects within 5-8 weeks, depending on your square footage and customization level. We manage all of the required City permits and inspections. The construction phase includes: 

  • Construction begins with a walk thru before framing. 
  • Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins are completed, followed by City inspections.
  • Drywall is hung, walls and ceiling are taped, mudded and sanded to a level 4 finish, and a ceiling texture is applied.
  • Primer is applied to all new drywall.
  • Windows and doors are cased and hung and baseboards are installed. Base and casings are sprayed, with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore paint applied.
  • Flooring, tile, lighting, switches & plugs are all installed. Bathroom fixtures and vanity are placed into position. 

Then comes the finishing touches and final walk-through, which includes: 

  • Final City inspections are completed and permits are closed. 
  • Final touch-ups are applied.
  • Furnace and duct cleaning is performed, as well as a professional full house cleaning.
  • Homeowner walk-through completes the project, with lots of smiling faces.


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